Shara Cooper

How Do You Wait??? by Shara cooper

Shara Cooper

Are you the one who waits with your hands folded across your chest and your lips are pulled in tight?

Are you the one who waits with your feet tapping on the ground or your leg shaking relentlessly?

Are you the one who waits with your mouth continuously spewing words of frustration and anger?

Are you the one who waits with your mind set on pessimistic results or low expectations?

How Do You Wait?

Waiting is that which is inevitable in this life as it is intertwined with our every moments of every day.
One must wait at the light for traffic to pass by.
One must wait in line for others to buy items in their time.
One must wait for a new born to come forth into the earth.
One must wait for college after highschool finishes first.

How Do You Wait?

It is in the waiting that makes all the difference as there is no automatic response to waiting.
Quite the opposite. Choosing how you wait is the art of the struggle.
Our choices in the waiting can be one of many
Waiting anxiously. Waiting angrily.
Waiting impatiently. Waiting pessimistically.
Waiting patiently. Waiting humbly.
Waiting quietly. Waiting peacefully.

How Do You Wait?

Whether the wait be that of five minutes, five hours, five years, or longer, there is no way around it…we must wait!

Waiting is only temporary!
Therefore it, should be noted that your wait will be over and so will mine.
What matters the most of the deal is how we waited out our time?

Be Still And Know That HE is GOD even while you are waiting!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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