Bad Weather!!! (part 1), by Troy Simmons

Beautiful blue skies with a touch of gray,
Was normal for me, everything will be okay.
Life is a wonder and while I find nothing surprising,
None of us know what’s over the horizon.
We all have our little bouts with pain,
So when I saw the dark clouds I expected a little rain.
See I’ve been through storms, no need to be frightened,
Until I saw the white flash from the lightening.
This thunder was different, it boomed like a gun,
Instinct told me that it’s time to run.
So run I did in search of higher ground,
But reality and responsibility were holding me down.
I ducked in and out from pillar to post,
and watched the waters swell at every coast.
Frantically fighting to formulate a plan,
Until I got bound by the actions of my hand.

Troy Simmons
DOC #a405559

Categories: poems, Troy Simmons

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