Chad Williams

Inmate Blog Brainstorming, by Chad Williams

So I’m stuck n a trance trying to find my way …
I look for the light in every darkened thought that gets me thru all this .. I’m lost but yet from my past I know that I’m lucky to be alive in all this mess ..
I know there is light in all this at the end of the tunnel I just have to ride the storm ..
This too shall pass is what I believe in ..
I know I’m in a bad place but I’m optimistic as I have no choice I have to do this ..
they say there is a calm before the storm ..
well I’m curious is this the calm or the storm at times ..
physically nothing can stop me here . mentally and sphychologically owhhhh my god ..
spiritually I have a good very good support system to keep me strong at times I can’t ..
lol I’m just thinking out loud for anyone to respond feel free I’m not a sex offender I’m not a creep or some sick monster ..
I got lost along the way of self destruction in the end of a war against my own power ..
I am a good looking man I’m 38 years old I have one daughter she is with my family ..
I have a good sense of humor good direction and great I’ mean great pretty white teeth lol ..I’m a freak about my teeth ..
anyways I wanted to see what’s up out there and I am looking for good people in my life ..
u should write me I have about two years left so I’m kinda stuck at the moment ..
I have no choice
so maybe u someone can write me see what’s new and maybe connect in every way .. let’s talk

write me on jpay

Chad Williams
DOC #740-480

chilicothe correctional

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