Angelo Vasquez

From The Oracle, by Angelo Vasquez

Return to silence The true essence of life exist within, if there is confusion or trouble in your life at this time, rember the clarity you seek will not be found in the external world. Like all phenomena of a soul or spiritual nature, silence quickly disappears as soon as we leave a contemplative or meditative state.
our functional lives demand a different more focused goal-oriented and mental consciousness, and being constantly with the silence would make our practical life impractical. We can inwardly develop in such a manner that it becomes possible to enter into aspects of silence anytime we desire with the mindfulness of ritual.
Close your eyes let the thoughts come and go, do not fixate on any of them. Let the world fall away in silence, let the silence that now pervades speak to you in sensations. This is your spirit, your guardian at the threshold of life and the cosmic man. It is a blessing from the universe and will help bring balance and abundance into your life.
Allow this to become your ritual and you will begin to perceive life from a higher perspective.

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Angelo Vasquez
DOC #G07505

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