Maurice Page

True Power, by Maurice Page

I think of the power of the man its great indeed but, yet the power of the woman is great as well. She can make the greatest of men if only she made the greatest of herself. And the man who know his true self and power can help in this process to make the greatest of family and community by his hard work and highest of examples. But, yet they know not of the reachable heights in their selves that I’m speaking about. It has taken me over 40 yrs just to get a clear glimsp of what I’m speaking about. Its theory but, the math does not lie and if it adds up its correct. The true power is the power that one possess within their selves . Its the ability to survive and thrive in all situation’s one maybe faced with. To endure and overcome adverse times to emerge and rise to the highest of one’s self and existence.

Maurice A. Page
DOC #461050

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