De'Vaughn Denny

These Are My Feelings, by De’Vaughn Denny

I asked the lord for some guidance,
he never talks to me he always stay silent,
my life it never had a silver lining,
always make me question how strong our bond is,
truthfully I feel like I am the devil,
mentality on a whole different damn level,
I’m digging my life out the grave with a shovel,
I am no rebel,
damn sure ain’t no angel,
I jump thru the hoop of my halo,
consciously speaking I’m home for the weekend,
I tried to change but I kinda lost the remote,
looking at life thru a peep hole,
I never trusted new people,
sliding on dudes like a ski slope,
karma’s down for a threesome,
but death showed me she wasn’t her equal,
but I’m still breathing,
guess now that really makes me a legion,
I mean a legend not second guessing,
my mind has transformed into a weapon,
so stop with the pressing done being neglected,
thankful that y’all are feeling my presence,
the time is now if ever the time is of the essence,
no dad ever present that’s what I wasn’t blessed with,
but who cares I’m loving the music,
there’s never a time when I cannot use it,
loving the melody is kinda soothing
but really the truth is I’m laying my blueprints,
I’m dashing like Stacy far from being clueless,
I measured the game who are you to rule it,
I’m smelling the flowers maybe it the tulips,
my ships never sunk not off of no loose lips,
can never say that I told,
it is not in my bloodline to fold,
I came from the gutter resenting my mother,
my dad became that mag in that pole,
I’m ready for war for real that’s something I really adore,
I promise nobody else close to me,
gonna die cause of me and that comes straight from my heart,
I strive for my daughters my sons aint they father,
they protecting their family I’m raising them proper,
they destined for greatness,
I know the gon’ prosper,
I’m fatally wounded no longer muted,
speaking my truth thru all of my music,
but sometimes I’m confused wit,
the simple illusions from a conniving nuisance………

Devaughen Denny
DOC #A667185

Categories: De'Vaughn Denny, poems

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