Samuel Jones Jr.

by Samuel Jones

Being Prison First I want to thank God for my incarceration because its in here that I recieved Jesus as my Lord and Savior and allowed God to work on and through me.No,its not easy being in prison even though I am saved.When I came to prison,I realized that I could go no lower,I was in the valley.Then I realized that,just as there was a valley,there was a mountain top also. Being here in for a crime I did not do,really hurt me.But little did I know that what my enemies meant for evil,God was working it for my good. I have lost a lot during my incarceration,but I have gained something that was priceless,SALVATION!!! It was then that I realized that God is bigger than my storms,trials and circumstances!! Day by day its a struggle,not to mention the spiritual warfare that I am in. I had no moral support,not by any fault of my family,because God was teaching me to depend on Him,lean on Him and put Him first in all I do and everything will fall into place(Matthew 6:33). But its through knowing that my victory was won on the cross and that I have to continue to fight on my knees,in prayer. Sometimes,I ask myself,how did I end up in prison?Well I learned that sometimes God allows certain storms to come into our lives to get our attention.It was then I realized God was the only one I could turn to for everything.But when I excepted Jesus as my Lord and got baptized,thats when all hell broke loose!The devil knew my potential before I got saved,I did not.So now he is on my trail everyday.But greater is He thats in me then he thats in the world. Being in prison,is time when I must allow God to work and empower me so when I get released,I wil be strong in His word as to where I will do His will and not get caught up in the sins of the world.I can truly say that I am not the same man I was when I came in. But I am still under reconstruction and still being shaped into the man God wants me to be.I want to say that,no matter where I am at or who I am,God is a mercyful GOD!!!! Thank You and God Bless You.

Samuel Jones
DOC #00350216

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