Angelo Vasquez

Acceptance, by Angelo Vasquez

Trust in the universe and accept all in your life as it unfolds.
Live fully in each moment, become aware of this moment. you are loved more than you will ever know. ‘How does one except death? How do I feel love of any god if every one I love dies?’
I’ll answer but it will still be abstract and I will outline and detail it later.
We must see life where it is and understand when it goes, the moment this human form has become a corpse the soul has passed through the gate of death. We feel pain by looking at the place of spiritual abandonment.
It has been cast aside no longer significant (for any karmic reason) and falls asunder to dust. Bereft of soul and spirit. Now at this time (death) do we actually arrive home. In the spiritual existence we choose our time to come, we see it as leaving knowing we’ll be home soon. An esoteric pilgrimage.
Take the plant kingdom, we can’t begin to start understanding its life without taking the vast universe into account. All things must be in the perfect position and state for a tree to be, same for it to leave.
As above so below.

Angelo Vasquez
DOC #G07505

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