Antwan Hood

A Good Read, by Antwan Hood

I love to read it Informs me and makes me more knowledgeable but I have stumbled across entrepreneur magazine now my wheels are really turning I already have read books about financial literacy and freedom very good reads I may add but this magazine is like pointing me in some good directions with storys from start up companies to how veterans find success in franchise business because that is the core of them all the structure is like being in the service all over again to people just wanting to do some thing they are passionate about I don’t have any children so a system that is already built is kool with me I also have a side of me that likes to venture off and do my own thing so I have a lot of information to digest to make my success so I am happy that some one offered me that opportunity to see what that magazine had to offer I am taking down notes and remembering what is important

Antwan Hood
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