Michael Dorotiak

Introduction Blog, by Michael Dorotiak

my name is michael dorotiak but everyone calls me Largo. im from las vegas but doing the remainder of my time in ohio which has me stuck until next july. i am currently at a southern ohio joint being warren correction institue. this would be my first BLOG so im gonna be a lil rusty but im sure ill catch on.lol ill be 38 this coming october. so for the people who read these blogs it would be great if someone would just give me tips on how to be a good blogger. otherwise i guess ill just type at random. anyone can reach out to me by using jpay.com as its an email service for the incarcerated. well i hope that was a decent introduction and when i think of something good to say ill be back.

Michael Dorotiak
DOC #A733-431

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  1. Write down your experience out there ,things you’ve learned that you would like to share to others.I hope and pray that God will comfort you and give you strength through your transitions🙏🏽


  2. Here’s a tip. Think, or maybe write down a list of your interests, or passions. Consider what you are good at or something that you have knowledge on. You have to look at it like whatever subject you want to write about, what can you teach people that they might not know on that subject. Figure out your subject and then bring your uniqueness out thru that subject. That’s the best way I can describe it.


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