Douglas Haddix

Socialism or Democracy, by Douglas Haddix

Today I listen to so many say Democrarcy is no longer viable due to carbon. I need socialism to protect me from breathing. Carbon tax will stop me for sports and even sex because my clothes will be measuring my carbon release. 5G will allow the use of clothing tto watch me and keep my tax amount recorded to my phone. I am excited as a prisoner to be released and pay my share of tax. The citizens of Ohio are paying for me to do nothing all day every day. The prison are set to stop men and only men from becoming better. I do not care what government free citizens chose for me, please, just release me. I have so much to give, but guards that stop me from giving. ne day i the life of prison away from my family and friends is a life time. Please keep praying for a country that cares about its own citizens first and then for those others. The rich countries of the world do not give to other nations like we do. So remember that I want to give to.

Douglas Haddix
DOC #304-270

Categories: Douglas Haddix, politics

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