Maurice Page

Modern Day Stockholm Syndrome, by Maurice Page

It was a term that become famous when a young white wealthy woman was kidnapped and while she was being held for ransom she started to side with her captors cause and was known to have committed crimes with them such as arm robberies and bank robberies. They termed her behavior as Stockholm Syndrome. To justify this well bred affluent young white woman’s abnormal behavior.
But, I wanted to use this to talk about how I see my own people’s behavior with coming from the most brutal system of slavery ever known in existence to this very moment in time. Or what White America like to whisper as this country’s Original Sin. Its so bad that they don’t like to discuss it openly or will even admit it in open or publicly. Right now in our country we are dealing with race relations, especially with this current President of ours. He’s stirred up the hornet’s nest and people don’t like Trump but, I must say the truth that Trump has expressed and represented must be acknowledged and respected. To not take advantage of this teachable moment in our time is to waste a great opportunity to address a grave problem that’s been plaguing our nation and world as a whole. To recognize it, identify it and sit down to find some solutions to it. Then we can work together to apply the solutions we come up with to work towards a better and greater nation as well as world overall. But, we have to do this in truth or it will never get solved. I don’t have the answers for all our problems but, I do believe we can come together and work together to find better solutions to our race problems that are keeping us divided as well as behind where we should be as a country.
The African American has constantly been exploited by their ruler’s and master’s. But, what I have a problem with is how we have come to be one of our greatest exploiters at this very moment in time. We have been exploited and terrorized so badly that we have become like those who exploited and terrorized us.
The only way we think we can make it or become successful in this world is to exploit, or terrorized our own. I’m not saying its right to exploit or terrorize anybody or people for whatever reason. I’m saying that we can be better and do better than what we’ve been led to do and believe by our oppressors. And we must start with how we treat and deal with our own people first and foremost. If we can’t do right by your own what do we expect from how others believe or see we will be? White people has the right to be afraid of angry, hateful, foolish and vengeful African Americans who will do them worst or worster than they did us during the trans Atlantic slave trade and chattel slavery and etc., if they were to ever gain true power in this nation and world.
I write to engage a dialogue between us all so, we can deal with the true issues at hand. Its not the rulers or people we place in power who will fix this, its us the people who have the true power and is backbone of the nations of the world who must learn the truth of ourselves and histories to become better and greater people. The true power and true wealth of the Nation is Us the people who labor everyday and who protect our country everyday and always from even ourselves as well as those outside of our borders. What is a nation without its people? Who would the government govern if they had no people? A people can only be ruled if they follow or allow the ruler’s to rule them or govern them. Flat out!
I’m just a African American child who was born in the ghetto of this great nation of ours but., the love and understanding I have for us , our nation and our existence overall is greater than I even truly know. Its like something or some one greater than I know speaks thru me. I just write , I try not to judge but, to observe, learn and respect always and beyond! With it I try to use it the best that I can. I’ve made error’s constantly in my short life span but, let those who are without sin be the first to cast the stone. Enjoy the day! Respect, understanding, peace and blessings!

Maurice A. Page
DOC #461-050

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  1. This is a really great and inspirational piece. So much truth written gracefully and respectfully and I concur with so many points. Blessings to you Maurice!


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