John T. McWhorter

by John T. McWhorter

Hey Mad World, I just recently shared a poem at the Juneteenth Celebration the theme was BlackLovesponsored by the B.P.C. Now I have been to quite a few during my stay at Penitentiary College. LOL.. The experience was great though. I want to give a quick shout out to all the families, friends, sponsors, and all the members with the Shelton Chapter. Man its all love. If anybody been to one of those Celebrations and they care to speak on their experience please share some love.

“Barbwire Lovers”
Through it all, come snowflakes,
come summer fog. For you, I found a way to forget it all.
Pain was my chains, that linked me to your poetic rain. Your kindness carried me through my toxic shame. 

You sat on top of razor wire, in my darkest of hours, You made sure that you found a way to inspire, before I expired, my heart fail in love with your empire.

If you was a bird, there would be only one I would tweet for, run the streets for, my gentleman of a heart would skip a beat for. You are my Barbwire Lover.
“Barbwire Lovers.

John McWhorter

DOC #772043

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