Daniel McKinney


It’s really simple science people! We’re always told – or should I say “sold”, on the belief that industrial agriculture, as we know it, is the only both feasable and plausible way to meet our sizable consumer demand for fruit and vegetable produce. However, as a result of not questioning both the origin and manufacturing process associated with that ear of corn we chomp down on, we conveniently ignore being so indoctrinated with the environmentally toxic methods of traditional industrial agriculture practices, such as toxic pesticides, herbicides, poisonous methane, etc.

Wake up, people! Specialty eco-sustainable organic grow businesses possess the ability to provide such a large market a sufficient yield and diversity of fruit and vegetable fare, yet not only leave the grow fields unscathed but also re-invested with organic composted fertility assuring next season’s growth.

And, isn’t the latter reason enough that we should spare no resource to accomplish such a noble humanitarian contribution to our mutal land proprietor: Earth? We owe it to ourselves, right? We owe it to our future.

Join the conversation! Reduce, reuse, recycle, upcycle, repurpose, keep our earth free of hazardous wastes.

Yusuf B. McKinney #A468437 http://www.jpay.com (the jpay site lists me as “Daniel” McKinney); or snail mail: Yusuf B. McKinney, P.O. Box 4501 (A468437), Lima, OH 45802-4501

Daniel McKinney
DOC #A468437

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