Erick Lawshea

I Wonder Why (part 1), by Erick Lawshea

I Wonder what real love feels like? And why is it so easy to hurt the one’s you love, but be loyal,or ride for the people who don’t care, or love u at all? I Wonder what a real relationship feels like, with an Authentic woman? who’s not materialistic, or feels like she has something to prove to friends,family, or the world. A woman who has morals, respect, discipline, a woman who’s not trying to keep up, with everybody else and there relationship. A woman who’s not just looking for a status, looking to be a mans trophey, and on his arm becuz of who he is, and the reputation he has.and a woman who knows her worth and value, and woman who’s not trying to be in competition with her partner, but understands that her, and her partner are a team, the man is a King, and the woman is a Queen, and together they are Ruler’s of the universe.

I Wonder why a Man, and a Woman are looked at different? And why a man, and a woman will never be able to actually, understand one another. It’s good to have Pride, but I Wonder why a man, and a woman has to have too! much pride, but mainly us as man? I wonder what happend to really getting to know someone u like, or have feelings for? a lot of relationships never really work out, or get far, or last long in this day, and age, becuz young and old people, are blinded and only physically, and sexually attracted, and we just want, what we want. So now the relationship we have is built off pure lust, and physical and sexul attraction. Then when some real fucked up shit happen in our relationship that we were in, we sit up and ask our self why? And that leads back to what I’m saying now! in this blog, I wonder why?

I wonder what happen to, getting to know someone for how there personality is, and how there brain works, or for how genuine they are, and the love and compassion they show and give on all levels. Now days we just jump into anything! and move so fast, but I learned u really still have to build a relationship with people in general not just yo lover. But u most definitely still have, to have one with your companion. When your dealing with someone they have to feel comfortable, and secure first, then u have to build, and repair with that person, and on that person, on every level to gain, and earn there loyalty, and trust. Well this was just something on my mind real heavy, I’m about to go meditate, and pray that god brings a beautiful woman into my life as a friend, that I can build and grow with. If anybody wanna reach out and build about this blog, feel free! to do so.

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