Davin Wallace

by Davin Wallace

Read Judges 2:2-3
We’re not called to lock in w/the world & the people who desire to live in it but actually to separate from the wicked (ungodly, sinners & scornful) (Psalm:1:1) & destroy what they serve & stand for, meaning giving it no place in our mind, heart & life & rebuking it every chance we get. God gives us specific instructions for today as He did the Israelites in the past. He gave them a challenging order to destroy the Canaanites & what they worshipped & represented. The Canaanites weapons were great in the natural. Because of fear & doubt the Israelites failed to conquer the Canaanites.
Much of the Canaanites lifestyle & belief appealed to the Israelites sinful nature, just as our enemies do today. Rather than destroying them & their idolatry, Israel compromised, as we often do. The Canaanites would prove to be a “troublesome distraction” to the Israelites.
When we became Christians, God declared war on sin & its strongholds in our life which includes worry, fear & doubt. Sinful behaviors & attitudes were deeply planted in our character, hearts & minds, but God called us to tear them down. The Holy Spirit pointed out areas, situations, people, things & places that were resistant to God’s will. Are we tempted to merely establish a truce rather obliterating every sin? Is doubt one of sin’s stronghold? If so, it will rise up against us in moments of weakness. Is there a stronghold of lust in our life? If so, we will succumb to it when caught off guard. In careless moments, these strongholds will still tempt us to continue our past sinful behaviors.
Do not underestimate the destructive power of sin. If there is any stronghold in our life that we have never defeated, the Holy Spirit is still prepared to bring us complete victory.
Its obvious that God speaks to us to do certain things but we intentionally or unintentionally disobey out of fear & doubt & that only results to stress in our life that pours over into our relationships, jobs, families etc. Even the toughest instruction by God should be obeyed because He knows best & His blessing comes in the mess we give over to Him, whether its letting go, moving on, stepping back, it really doesn’t matter, He want it all. Who are we hindering along w/ourselves by trying to fix things in our own strength & knowledge. In order for us to become healed He had to allow us to be broken. He is the head Physician & we’re just nurses to assist in whatever He ask of us to help the patient. Don’t lack in your giving task but don’t overstep your boundaries either. Know what u qualified for. And stand on what has been giving to u through His Word. No body can tell u that u are a school teacher if you’re an officer, nobody can tell u about the rules & regulations of your job if they haven’t read the rule book nor can nobody offer u the benefits of your job if their not your employer. You’re a child of God, & a foreigner of the Kingdom of God will not know nothing about this life & family under the care of our heavenly Father by looking in from the outside. In order to truly know the truth they will have to study the Word of God themselves. Us in the meantime must continue to walk in love & faith according to God’s Word (that simple).

Davin Wallace
DOC #1101851

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