Archie Wilder

by Archie Wilder

I truly do enjoy writing my thoughts and feelings down. Because it helps me to reflect and see areas I need to improve in.I know that I am a work in progress, but I try to the best of my ability to improve as a man everyday. Some of my recent post have been about, checking the accuracy of information we hear and not caring about what others think. Its easy to say those things in writing. But how will you really respond when you are faced with it?I almost made a major mistake today by making a decision based off of inaccurate information. And especially when it was coming from someone who I didn’t particularly like. People must truly come to learn that you are accountable for the words that you speak. That’s why I live by the mantra, IF I SAY SOMETHING ONCE, I CAN SAY IT TWICE. If I can’t repeat something that I know that I said, then I shouldn’t have said it in the first place.That’s why I hate lying so much.Lies have ruined peoples lives. Lies have cost people their lives. The very first lie told has the human race in the position it is in now.Words have so much power. They can build us up or tear us down. They can help us at the right time. That’s why its so imperative to think before you speak.We were created with two ears and one mouth for a reason. We should do more listening than talking. We can learn a lot just by listening. I only talk a lot when I feel comfortable around someone.But even then I’m, still I’m careful in what I say. Confidential talk is a thing of the past. It is so many people in here who repeat EVERYTHING that they are told. Their was a young man that I use to talk to on a daily basis, he just rode out of here for being in relationship with one of the unit staff. Now I pretty much already knew this because of the picture he use to try and paint by his actions. He would do things in front of other inmates, so that they could see that he had favor with her.That was dumb. But back to the matter at hand.People can assume what they want, but once you validate it with your words,it becomes fact Especially if your speaking the truth.He just up and told me one day all of his business. And I told him then, you NEVER tell anyone your personal business especially when it doesn’t just involve you. Her life can be affected by your words. He claimed I was the only person he told, but I knew that was a lie.Because until now I never repeated anything he told me, and the whole compound knew his business.I use to teach a class for her and she knew that I knew. So she asked me what did I think. Before I answered her,I asked her are sure you want me to answer that? She said yes.I told her that the both of them didn’t understand the power of their words coupled with their actions. They were acting like highschool kids and telling anyone who would listen. Even though she denied telling anyone. I just simply asked her, if you tell me something, or you do something for me.And nobody else knows but us two,and someone else can come to you and tell you what you said to me or what you done for me.If you know you haven’t told anyone,how did it get out?So why would you do anything else for a guy who wants to be famous by running his mouth.And I left it at that.Neither one of them took heed and they paid the price for their words that they spoke. I feel like social media has made people feel like they have to tell the world their business. Something’s should be private and not everything is for the world to know.I’m even selective in my inner circle. If one of my friends share something with me, I don’t automatically tell our other friends.Because its not my place. If he wants our other friends to know his business he will tell them.Secrecy is safety. Knowledge is power, and its not always wise to let the world know your business. So be careful of the words you let come out of your mouth,because you never know the affect they will have.

DOC #414-917

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