Burried Alive, by Pierre Tony Redd


the thought of being buried alive scares me
being locked in a box is alarming
terror sets in and my stomach hurts

sweat drips from my brow
and tears fall from my face
I can taste the salty moisture

it’s humid, hot and suffocating
I’m buried feet from freedom and fresh air
they already speak of me as a memory

abandoned by all remembered by few
like an old photograph tucked in a dusty corner

they’ve left me in a box to rot
to die alone
with my thoughts and regrets

I fear for my sanity
but my sanity is proof of my survival
prison is being
buried alive

DOC #AU4624

I also can receive and respond
CSATF/PRISON E4-246L to emails
P.O.BOX 5242 download the jpay mobile app
CORCORAN, CA 93212 add your info along with mine
then you can start to email me


Categories: INMATE POEMS, Pierre Redd

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