John T. McWhorter

Reform, by John T. McWhorter

Hey Mad World, first I would like to give a warm round of love and respect to the ladies and gentlemen and their families as they fight along side me on a fight for Reform and Post-Conviction Opportunities. 
Secondly, I send my love and respect to all the brothers who played a role in the B.P.C. and the political issues in the State of Washington.

Reform is the undoing of criminal behaviors, before they lead to criminal activities. Reform is not changing your attitude, but rather it is changing your character, so that you can dictate your altitude. Who you was has no reservations at the restaurant your going to. Reform is a way of life. The men that become better people make good on their past choices and except responsibility for all decisions. They are not preparing to appear releasable, but rather they are fully invested in being a better person. So when they are release they can add value to others. What is reform to you? When is a second chance necessary? I welcome all feedback.

John T McWhorter

DOC #772043

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