Eyba Brown

Born For This, by Eyba Brown

by: Eyba “Prime Time” Brown

No one enters life all bad or all good.

That is mostly defined by your circumstances, your situations, your hood.

You may look at a precious baby and think this isn’t so.

But one day you tell them to come here, who teaches the baby to say no?

Certain things are embedded into our DNA that sparks viruousness.

Some are deleterious, iniquitous, rancorous, and malaciousness.

Coincidentially, there are other vitues that speaks of a contrary nature of our DNA.

This is a proven fact whether scientific, spiriual, or evolutionary.

These are nobleness, trust-worthiness, genuiness, and benevolence.

These characteristics are intertwine in a molecular strain of importance.

Your cell nuclei of heredity will not change.

It has little barring if you’re mad scientist, Einstein’s genuis, or straight jacket derange.

These things become a by-product of abuse, poverty, and addictions.

It takes over life’s meetings from salutations to benedictions.

The streets can make you heartless, conniving, and mean.

The home can make you lovable, respectful, “so fresh-so clean”.

Every experience you can builds one chaacteristic and depletes another, which can’t be dismissed.

Life dealt me 5 of a different, I turned it into a straight flush because I was born for this.

Eyba Brown
DOC #397750

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