Dean Giacomo

10 Things That Make Me Happy, by Dean Giacomo

In descending order:
1) Talking to my sister (she makes.things not seem so bad)
2)Reading –fiction and non -fiction
3) Studying and researching ancient European (and English) , mainly Germanic, civilizations , i.e. the Franks, Anglo-Saxons,Vandals,Visigoths and Ostrogoths,etc.
4) Going to the library
5) Listening to music (music has always been a big part of my life [when I say life I’m referring to the period up until when I was arrested in Dec. 2006] and I have dear memories from many many different songs)
6) I really enjoy my job
7) A cooling storm at the end of a brutally hot day that washes the unpleasant and oppressive heat and humidity away.
8) I’m a cancer survivor (6 years cancer free) and I can only thank the good LORD.
9) The man who plays his saxophone for his cows who apparently like it since they all congregate at the fence to listen to him.
10) Intelligent conversation–which are few and far between
Most unfortunately.a lot of the things that.used to make me happy have the opposite effect on me because life in here is just a mockery of life. This is terrible that I feel like this. But I continue and will never ever give up.
. It appears that most of the things that make me happy are done with out others, oh well as Sheryl Crow said : ” If it makes you happy ,it can’t be that bad”
Well that’s all.for this round.

Dean Giacomo
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  1. Dean,
    I am happy to see you have 10 things on your list that make you happy.
    What is your job?
    Glad your cancer is in remission.
    I hope your music memories are from some of our fun times at Lake Wallenpaupack.

    Have a great day!


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