Maurice Page

What Does Independence Mean To You? by Maurice Page

First of all, I would like to give my condolences to the Thomas family. Its lil Boosie Boo’s B-Day today. This was a lil brother who was killed by a partner of his. This was also a girlfriend of mine nephew. That’s how I met the lil brother thru her. And at this time in my life I needed the pure love and good energy that only a child can give. His full name is Phillip Isaiah Moore, his sun rised July 4, 2000 and it set Dec 22, 2017. But, it never set with me because he forever lives on thru the people he touched with that divine life force he did possess. He was almost 3 yrs old when I met him. And at this time I had just broken up from a insane relationship. So, insane that I vowed to never love anyone again. Fuck love , just give me loyalty is what I can remember me saying to his auntie. And she looked at me and said, you gon love me! You fuck wit me, you stuck wit me! I just stared back her wit this smirk on my face like this woman is crazy. But, it tickled me in such a way. That it made me start to love again or better yet to heal first and then love again. But, it was her, our four children, her sista, and her children (lil Boosie Boo’s mama) that made me want to love again. I think when we all came into one another’s lives we all needed each other. For sure I needed them because, life without love is not any life worth living. So, as I live I learn to love life in all its splendid forms of energy’s that manifest what we see and define as existence.
Independence means to me to have the freedom to choose to live life as I need, want and or desire to do so. I can define it as the once ex slave and abolitionist Frederick Douglass did in his speech called July 4th or I can define it in today’s time as I see to do so. We must come together as a people and country. We must not deny the past or to cover it up but, must learn from it and correct how we are living with one another today and onward. America is great but, for it to be the Greatest country we must correct our errors and refine ourselves as the people and nation overall. We can talk that talk but, all that truly counts is if we can walk the walk. What did I hear that sista candidate say America is not trying to hear us argue about meaningless things but, to tell us how we are gonna put food on our tables. I wish everybody a happy and safe 4th of July. With respect, peace, and understanding! True love is always understanding! Enjoy the day!

Maurice A. Page
DOC #461050

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