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hello,is anybody out there? my name Robert e.Moore #1003169. I’m new at this but will give it a try an see if my story interests anyone. also hoping to get a fair sentence likes been given to the fish back case in2000 on. see I’m the first person in be charged and convicted on a drug over dose 1998 I was given a fourty year sentence for distribution of a scheduled two controlled substance methadone,an a twenty year sentence for felony murder together equals a sixty year sentence under the new law putting my release date at2053. I already have over 20yrs in.I’m 47 years of age.I was 25 at the time an the victim was 10 years older than I at the time. 36yrs old. my jury at the time went allowed to be told that patrol had been abolished. the system shortly after my case noticed that to much time was being handed down from 1995 to 2000. that’s when in 2000 the system made it a rule the jury must be told that an offender has no patrol and has to do 85%of time give.this started with fishback2000 case.but those classes such as mine didn’t get that same treatment and the system failed to go back and fix ours from 2000back to1995.I was given a life sentence and. if my case would of been properly invest aged in the first place I wouldn’t even be here.see my friend and I worked construction. together an I went one day and sold him a drill.the girl I was with that day I covered up for she sold him one of her 10mg methadone pills which I ended up paying one heck of a price for keeping my mouth shut.his trailor had 5to6 people setting around drinking that day but no one would come forward fearing they might get in trouble.they did try to get him to the hospital when he became sick but his wife putted him by the hair of the head out the car saying he would get mad at her if she was to get him some help.remind you I’ve been gone way before this.he was fine when I left.he played in the drive chocking on his vomit.a neighbor sneeked and called 911. upon arrival at the er no drugs were in his blood.but his alcohol level was .36. they did find a small amount of methadone in his urine.that’s were the doctors look when its such a small amount it can’t be detected in the blood. he went into coma from lack of oxygen and the wife took him off life support five days later.she testified he would of gotten mad and wouldn’t of wanted to be an a hospital. so I was charged for his death.a jury was pi led and my trial trial s over in a hate day.took them 8min get a verdict come back with the amount of time.weeks later I was in my cell block when a trustee ask me if I knew who the foreman of my jury was?which I didn’t.he said it was the investigators brother,so I got holed of my lawyer and ask him about it and he told me he would find out and if it were true he would have something done.he comes back days later an tells me to sit down that he had been covered a job of a lifetime as commonwealth attorney. I ask about the juror and was told he couldn’t sleek on mother hired another lawyer and first thing he did was put a star beside five of the jurors..each was related to law in for cement by blood or marriage one even a ex cop of this small lawyer did ask during jury selection if anyone had ties to law in for cement.only one women spoke up.these people hid there identity. the judge once I proved this on appeals denied a new trial stating he didn’t see were it would of changed the out come of my case. I wasn’t allowed to have people I knew up their.they kept this case so far away from the publics eye because they knew that they went to extreams to make sure a conviction stuck.anyone can look at all the other cases havivg to do with overdoses and you ant find one that compares to what the system did to me.I will be eighty one years old upon release.they were a serial killer that was tried in the same town limb tuggle they didn’t give him the time they gave me and he got out and killed again.he was put to day path in1995 at Greensville.they are guys from this small town that has first degree murder and got hafe the time I was given.I would like to start a partition to see what those who. see this agree that I was given to harsh a sentence. again I didntbdo it but took the fall. also please checkout on Facebook injustice in Virginia. and vote for the people who deserves to be heard to pass the fish back law to give our cases from 1995to2000. the same fair treatment as those received by the system after fishback was decided in 2000 on. his is support to be for all,not for when the system sees there is a problem. I’ve been awaiting 20yrs for the same rule be told to the person sentencing me that there is no parole. again the system wouldn’t allow this until five years after the new law was out.thank you for your can text me on jpay and I will be glad to get back to any questions you might have.

Robert Moore
DOC #1003169

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