Sean Lancaster

IF YOU SEE ME SMILE, by Sean K Lancaster

How many times a day do we smile, or laugh? This is a question I find hard to answer, but I can say for sure that I do not do either one enough. I remember reading on this subject years ago, on how important it is to smile, and laugh for your physical health. And now as I refect back on this subject, I feel it is also benefitcial to smile, and laugh for the good of ones heart, soul, and your general love of humanity.

Everyone needs more smiles, and laughter in their lives, the same way children are free to laugh and be silly. Feel the joy, and laughter from your inner child, children laugh at everything, they are over flowing with smiles, and glee. But as we grow older we become self conscious, stressed out by our lives, then we start trying to be what we think the world wants us to be.

I think Bob Marley said it the best “don’t worry be happy” if you are happy it’s hard not to smile, and if you’re smiling it’s hard not to be happy. 

So if you see me smile you know I am doing alright. I am working through my troubles because I have learned to not hold on too tight.

Sean K Lancaster

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