Stephen Threats

Crazy, by Stephen Threats

my age 29 ill be 30 august 11 and im currently in trumbull correctional insitution in ohio and my blog is about a female i was with who had my mind going back and forth and all i wanted was to be loved and this how it goes:

you know i feel you tell me to chill your voice in my head is worth all of the kill/ fowning to fake you tell me whats real/ you look in my eyes my heart starten to spill/ you come with a price will i ever heal/ your heart so cold my ice is on chill/ look in your eyes i know heaven is real/ they say hat we crazy we skipping a pill
i know what i see you dont show it to me / see from a far thats the eagle in me/ you open my door without using a key/ touch on my chest feel the speed of the beat/ you say you dont know me but know what i hate/ we beef in this game like we rivals today/ if you athletes then you know what it takes / im breaking these walls that are all in my way/ i see what you want (yea yea) i see what you on (yea yea) back in forth with the same fights i know what you on (yea yea) wanna hold me a mill (yea yea) but i know thats not real (yea yea) toast to the one that know im crazy but know how i feel (yea yea)/ a kiss from your lips yea my heart at my feet/ dont know what you want yea thats cutting me deep/ show no attention they want me to cheat/ my body so warm but im catching cold feet/ i speak with this love but i write with this hate/ the option to leave yea its up for the take/ say that you love me dont play with your fate/ the words that i mean its crazy this way

Stephen Threats
DOC #A663-193

any body that wants to ask about this you can get ahold of me on jpay and thats my info and the prison info is ( T.C.I. p.o. box 901, leavittsburg ohio 44430) thank you and i hope yall enjoy by the way this also is a song

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