Erik Nelson

The Determination Of Excellence, by Erik Nelson

Does your motivation to succeed outweigh your insecurities?
If the pursuit to successfully achieving all that you’ve ever wanted left you with the loneliness of despair why not avoid the risk of becoming unneeded if excellence is acknowledged in the praise of honor. I was once asked if you could have one thing granted what would it be? My immediate thought was to have the full expression of freedom but my response was to be the voice of all that has ever thought their worth wasn’t valued the acknowledgment of being considered anything except the overshadowing of insignificance. Although my verbal response left no standing of ovation I realized that the commitment of giving what I believed was that I finally overcame being shadowed to my own neglect of lacking self-belief. Even though the determination of what I desired never faded, my challenge yet remains, are you determined to appreciate the creativity of answering what someone may one day ask!

Erik Nelson
DOC #445-941

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