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Introduction Blog, by Yusuf Bilaal Daniel McKinney


My name is Yusuf Bilaal, and I may be contacted via http://www.jpay.com under McKinney, #A468437, or via snail mail @ Yusuf B. McKinney, P.O. Box 4501 (A468437), Lima, Ohio 45802-4501.

I’m an environmentalist and a Roots of Success instructor and consultant. (www.rootsofsuccess.org) Roots of Succes is an environmental literacy program conceptualized and founded by Dr. Raquel Pinderhughes, Director of Urban Studies at the San Francisco State University.

Roots of Success provides comprehensive instruction on environmental and ecology issues such as natural resource conservation, sustainability, horticulture, composting, and eco friendly waste disposal, etc.

I also author writings on envirnomental and ecological issues. I’m interested in blogs that provide information that we may incorporate in our daily routine that is beneficial to the environmental welfare of our planet and ourselves.

I’m grateful for this blogging platform provided by Ms. Suzie Jennings, because seldom are the incarcerated provided a “voice” in free society.

I’m also a seasoned legal consultant and have won numerous criminal and civil cases in both state and federal courts. I too intend to provide blogs concerning methods that the incarcerated may peruse to win their case in court.

I look forward to those interested joining in the conversations.

Thank you!

Daniel McKinney
DOC #A468437

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