Richard Foggie

Introduction Blog, by Richard Foggie

my name is Richard foggie but everyone call me Rick. I’m 26 years old from Cincinnati, Ohio an have been incarcerated 8 years on a 12 year bid for robberies, my current outdate is September 13 2023, life behind these walls have been a whirlwind so for my time working out has became a major part of my life, I also love to draw an shoot tattoos. I’m very outgoing and love to meet new people. I’ve never really had the chance to really live because I’ve been incarcerated since I was young but there’s a lot I look forward to. throughout my time I’ve grew an learned to love an cherish life an respect, not only myself an others but my freedom its a blessing to have this opportunity to blog because there’s a lot to talk about! so until next time stay blessed an live life to its fullest potential. or if your interested in conversatin you can contact me with the information at the bottom, there’s also a picture for you to look at! I’m always open to the idea of friendship.

Richard Foggie #656-480
Warren correctional facility
P.O box 120
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

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