Martin Ward

Introduction Blog, by Martin Ward

I’m A Simple Man With Big Dreams & A Business Mindset. But I Sometimes Wonder; “What Good Is The Wealth With No One To Enjoy It With?” ..& To Be Honest; I’m Lookin’ For Love,,.I Need A Woman To Love & To Love Me With The Same Intimacy & Energy. Well, My NAme Is Martin Lee Ward. I’m 24 Years Old, Young With A Old Soul. I’m Mixed With Honduran & Black, Light’Skinned With Light’Brown Eyes. I’m About 5’10”. I’m From The WestBank Of New Orleans(MARRERO). I’m Incarcerated For Armed Robbery, I Been Down 7 Years & Have 3 Years Left. I Want To Pursue My Dreams & A Career In Music. I Sing & Rap. I Also Cut Hair & Draw. So If My “Plan A” Doesnt Work, Atleast Imma Have A Back-Up Plan. I Love A Woman With Experience & Knows What She Wants In Life. I Want To Be With A Woman That Feels She Wants, Needs & Desires To Be Loved, Caressed, Held, Kissed While She’s Mad & Even Stroked The Way She Desires. I Hate Liars !!!! Because I’m a MAN Of My Word & I Stand On Every Word My Lips Speak. I Want A Woman’s Heart To Actually Be Involved In OUR Relationship As Much As Mine Will Be. My Demeanor Is Chill, But Hot’Headed If Tempted The Wrong Way. Many Say I Have The Diddy’Bop & Swag Of A Brooklyn, New Yorker. I Just Do Me & Love It. But, To That Special Who Can Picture Herself Bein’ With A MAN Like Me & We Swap Information, I HAve Family Out There That’ll Send You Pictures Of Me. & I’m Pretty SURE & CONFIDENT You’ll Like & Enjoy What You See. & What You See Is What You’ll Get ! Every King Need His Queen To Help Conquer & Rule Over A Foundation & Every Thug Needs A LADY To Hold Him Down Through Thick & Thin. Ask Me ANYTHING Your Heart Desires. Hopefully I’m The ONE TRUE MAN For You ….( ;

My Info Is:
Martin Ward #00618520
1630 Prison Rd.
Cottonport, La 71327
Caj.3-B1 ….

My JPay Info Is:
Martin Ward #618520

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