Keith Bond Jr.

He Never Did, by Keith Bond Jr.

Author: The Painter

Treat YU like **** b/c he love YU,
Emberass YU in front of your friends b/c he loves YU,
Grab YU by your hair drag YU like a trash b/c he love YU,
Punch YU in front of your kids b/c he loves YU,
Accuse YU of cheating in your face he spit b/c he loves YU, m
Make up for it on trips b/c he loves YU,
Before YU make it back he bust your lips b/c he loves YU,
He goes to jail, bond him out and he say he never do it again b/c he loves YU,
Now YU hidden in the bathroom bleeding again b/c he loves YU,
In the county jail he tell other men he loves YU,
YU never ask for help b/c YU was afraid an fear him b/c he loves YU, Identifying your body family co-workers and friends b/c he love YU…

He never did

I wrote thus poem for ever woman who is experiencing this vehement love. Especially for the young and mature woman of Ohio Toledo, Cincinnati,Dayton,Clevland ,and the most recent.. She was only 12 yrs old man….She was 12 an this young man was 18yrs old. Now I’m not writting this to down talk the young man for his cowardness. I writting , so we can take a stand toward the abusiveness among all of us. There is depth behind all actions. We as human beings are not perfect, but there are signs. Enough is enough, so much is taking place in America from injustice cruelty, Opium epidemic OD’S, Human trafficking, and the unlawful reflection of this nation alone. The men we vote as President, Congress, Governor and Mayor.
What YU put out there YU receive all over. Woman are the earth foundation to creating a conerstone foundation to a nation. Men are the Sun that shine upon them circling them, as boys we where stars.Why is it we treat are woman so inhuman. When we should embrace the fact that with out them . We are alone in the wind…

Keith Bond Jr
DOC #537-103

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