Dana Rister

Diatribe Drivvle and Mind Menusha, by Dana Rister

I was going through the channels on my TV . when I came across the movie forest gump, it was the part of the movie where forest was making the speech in Washington for the war protesters.well it comes to the part where jenny calls out his name and they run to each other in the reflecting pool. at the part when they embrace. I found myself feeling like crying. I was caught a little off guard by this. I thought the wounds inside me were all scared over.my skin has gotten thicker.after years in prison you get thick skin, I’ve had to walk past people with their throat cut on the way to lunch, I’ve seen a man get his brains beat out by two men with baseball bats.I see misery all around me violence is common place. my skin is thick…but saddly my heart is still thin skinned..I had to ask myself why the part of the movie affected me so..I know what it is..I never had what I was seeing on the screen…a woman to care about me…the L – word….love. it was something I had always wanted….. I believed in a thing called love, I was even dissolutioned into believing I was experiencing it once or twice. I get a sad feeling inside when I see an anniversary notice in the newspaper…some old couple that’s been together for fifty years..I had always assumed that would be me. and I hate hearing that song by Foreigner, ” I wanna know what love is”…….I don’t know when it was that I was brainwashed into believing in this silly notion called love but it started when I was very young ….by the time I was a teenager I was a hopeless romantic…which has made never knowing love all the more sad..I know there is a spirit. I know we have a soul. and I believe if two people are truly in love, after they die their souls will reunite in the cosmic ether…I can only hope my soul will reincarnate and I can get another chance at love.

Dana Rister
DOC #609147
p.o. box4501
Lima Ohio 45802

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