Christopher Pittman Jr.

by Christopher Pittman Jr.

i wanna live to tell people the stories when i was young on the block with the 40 locked in the can on the phone they ignored me kickdoe a snitch man that bitch an informant playin fah keeps you kno that we want it beats with the drum yea im steady preformin polish on niggas you see that im glowin got shot in my chest left love at the door mat ridin in hotties the police patrolin im doin the dash you kno that im floatin pull on yoe block an we kickin the door in im from up the way we beefin with owin told my brother if he rockin im rollin why you ask me that you already kno man of my word so you kno ima show why you got a gun an you aint gone blow it one in the head so you kno ima blow it you ask for loyalty an nigga showed it i was in the can an nobody wrote me god damn where the fuck is yall loyalty gave her everything an now she ont kno me got my gun pregnant take me to maury that nigga want live to tell people the story ima rasta man the need to deport me went to jail an that shit wan for had a bitch an that bitch wan for me i cant fuck with these niggas the corny only fuck with that bitch when im horny

my rap name is Tooka Tarzan and im from cleveland ohio

Christopher Pittman Jr.
DOC #A753055

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