Jeremy Evans

A Lil Nervous, by Jeremy Evans

Well Im outta here August the thirteenth after 4 long years and I must say I am a little bit on the nervous side. It’s crazy how it works, I have spent the majority of my life on the streets not locked up but now that it is time for me to go back home I am full of anxiety. A lot has happened to me as a person the past 4 years and I have grown up considerably. I can only imagine how messed up it could have made me If I would have had any more time to do… Are there any loyal beautiful intelligent females out there that are trying to kick it with me and get to know me and possibly carry it on when I step out? I have had a lot of people come and go outta of my lifethe past 4 years and i am looking foor something real so if you’re real get at me.

Jeremy Evans #724-179
p.o. box 120
lebanon ,ohio 45036
eds date 8-13- this year!

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