Rebecca Taylor

Juba Mindfulness Meditation, by Rebecca Taylor

Jubu mindfulness mediation by rebecca taylor
etsudo my zen name given to me by sensai koan of santa barbara zen center. i started meditating in 2015 it changed my life forever, i meditate for one hour daily, due to this experience i am a college graduate even a certification in internal empowerment coaching from loyola marymount university i am interested in teaching mindfulness meditaton and feng shui interior design consultation business when i get out. i love to play kendo. used to surf, love i go to board shortly may be out next year plan to go home to sister in san diego, etsudo means one with joy. i love the beach and chocolate birthday 09-30-75 interested meeting people of all walks of life email is address is:

Rebecca Taylor #w82304
ciw miller a 25 up
16756 chino corona road
corona california 92880

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