Zamarr Clipper II

Introduction Blog, by Zamarr Clipper II

my name zamarr clipper
age 28
inmate number 739839
release date may 11 2023
incarcerated in Ohio
southern Ohio correctional facility
title of blog:relationships
it seem like when you locked up,its hard to gain relationships and keep relationship.its hard to find people to build with,when you incarcerated.a lot of people don’t understand being incarcerated.without a support system its hard to break habits and build beyond these walls.
since I been locked I lose my girlfriend, my friends,and my family.something about prison deter people from showing love and being supported.I just wonder why prison scared people out your life?
now that I’m on stand still,I’m looking to hit a reset and find some new friends I can build a bond beyond the walls with

Zamarr Clipper II
DOC #739839

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