This book was very well written and engaging for the reader. I felt like I was standing right next to Steve watching this real life drama play out. It was hard for me to put this book down.

I have been in prison for 13 years, and have always found it very difficult to explain to people the daily prison drama, and the life men live behind these walls.

The book Steve wrote about this system is very candid and spot on, if someone wants to know about doing time in Washington State Pen, and the other joints he writes about read the book and you will feel like you are there doing time with him.

I have known Steve for about seven years or so around Stafford Creek Correction Center. The first time I remember meeting Steve was in the yard when I was running the Iornman for the 40 and over category. Steve told me that when he turned 40 he was going to take my Ironman title. And when Steve turn 40 he did win the Iornman, and I believe every year after that until we left Stafford Creek.

I was not that close to Steve at Stafford Creek because we were in different units and we did not get to spend that much time together, but evey time I did see him he was always a very friendly, respectful, and all around good guy. 

I never new the Steve I read about in his book because he had already changed his path in life when we met. I do remember talking to Steve and I would complain, or generalize something negative, and Steve would say something that would help me think about what I was saying.

Steve is good company, and I always find him very motivated in being as productive, and as positive as a guy he can be, especially in the joint.

Prison is a hard place to stay positive, but Steve has found a system that really works for him, and I applaud him for that.

I truly believe that Steve is a new man ready to face the world beyond the walls of stone city, and he has found the peace, and love we are all looking for in this life.

To turn your life around in prison the way Steve did is something rare because living in such dark, opresive, corrupt place does make it really hard not to break weak and just conform to the prison status quo.

I myself have had these inner struggles and can tell you first hand that when you become aware of your life the way Steve has, that he is more than ready to go home and be a free man, not just getting by, but contributing to the good of mankind. Steve is now an asset to this world not a liability.

Life in stone city is no walk in the park for anyone, and most are broken, bent to its will. Steve willed himself to be a good, and honest man breaking back against all odds.

I stand on a quote from Steve’s book that, ” you can put my physical body in prison, but you will never imprison my mind, or spirit. ”

It makes me hopeful, and happy to see guys like Steve making such a tremendous change in their lives for good, righteousness, and honor. Proving something I have always believed, that there are none that can not be redeemed.

Keep up the good work Steve, I am honored, and proud to call you a friend, and brother.

If you haven’t read his eBook, I strongly reccomend you do.

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Sean K Lancaster
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Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary” by Steven Jennings

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