Alvatina Flucker

Homestead Correctional Institution: Leading By Example Not Instruction (cont.), by Alvatina Flucker

I haven’t had the desire to write for a long time now……..
Believing that it was no use and that I was not being heard.
However, I received a very interesting AND encouraging email that has put me in check. Reminding me of the purpose that this door was opened for me.

Since my last post, I’ve been transferred to another facility and this environment is smaller, but with more people who have been incarcerated for 20 years or more.
I am surprised and shocked at the lack of opportunity to excel here.
I’ve found that so many are content at doing nothing because of lack of desire in the authorities here to do anything more than warehouse offenders.

I came here excited about the opportunity to “DO” things………but some of the people I was familiar with said, “Ain’t no use Flucker, they not gone do nothing and ain’t nothing gone change. We ain’t got nobody to fight for us!”

Well, of course I didn’t listen. Being the person that I am—–I “GOT” to at least try.
So…………I go to ICT (Inmate Classification Team) and wait at the end of the line to talk with the Warden, Assistant Warden, SCO (Senior Classification Officer) and the Colon to at least present a proposal for a program. ICT is by call-out normally, but here-there is a open door policy that has it’s benefits, as long as it doesn’t require a lot of work to do.
Now, to back up a little bit……….Before I went before the ICT team, I bounced my idea off of the Colon who in turn encouraged me to get at the end of the ICT line to present this idea….that is how I ended up in the ICT line, however this appearance was unsuccessful.
Nevertheless, I didn’t stop there. I wrote out a presentation and went back to ICT the following week. Again, I was unsuccessful—–BUT I was told that if I could get “my people to contact their people, we might can do something, because they don’t have time to run down volunteers”.
So, in other words, my friend was right——to a certain degree.
They DON’T want to see change, it is too much work for people who they believe are not going anywhere any time soon and whom they believe are not able to be rehabilitated or have their behaviour modified………but “I” am going to be the change that I want to see.

Let it begin with me!!!!!!

I’ve talked about leading by example and now that means more than I expected it to mean, but I am plowing forward with the beliefs that “I WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE”!

No matter how far you have to go or how little of an opportunity you receive… the best you can with what you got and trust God to make your little, much!!!!

Any suggestions, comments or input contact me at:

Alvatina L. Flucker #507101
Homestead Correctional Institution
19000 S.W. 377th Street Suite #200
Florida City, FL 33034
OR Register to email——-will reply to all communications.

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