John Mcconnell

One of My Hobbies, by John Mcconnell

A blog by Mac.
Here is one of my favorite pastimes when I am locked in my cell I just sit back and draw. A lot of the time I have a hard time coming up with ideas so I have people in here give me something they need drawn up for a tattoo or just something they enjoy and I draw it up. Sometimes I’ll do portraits of peoples loved ones and Ill look at a small photo they have on thier jplayer and go off of that. I have been drawing since I was a young kid and always liked it and have always been fair at it. The two pieces here are of a lion wearing a crown which is part of a series of portrait like realism drawings I am doing of a family of lions that someone is getting tattooed. The other one is of course none other than the late great Albert Einstien (hope I spelled that correctly lol) which is one of my idols and I very much enjoyed drawing. I can draw pretty much anything if I have a good idea of what it is. I am going to start posting some of my pieces on inmateblogger for people to hopefully enjoy. I really havent been writing too much since getting here to my new institution but hey Im here now! Im gonna sign off for now but never forever….As Always, Mac Aka

John Robert Mcconnell #731-514
po box 56
lebanon ,ohio 45036
and on jpay system.
ODRC eds 5-13-2036 for now…

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