Angelo Vasquez

King of Cups (14th in its suit), by Angelo Vasquez

On his throne the king stares distantly, chalice and sceptor in hand surrounded by an active sea. He represents the balance and peace we seek.
This force is skilled in law and trade, signs of its presence will normally be a masculine demeanor, kind in gesture, considerate and willing to take responsibility. The archetypes are autonomous one connection with them is the current sea of scenes and situations ( fueled by our persona’s) that conjure them to manifest mainly through us. we are a physical display of dramatic scenes, yet we are the shadows of the idea of us.
Carry on, handle business, though remain aware and be ready to see the king in all its forms.
14 is the number of mental foundation which comes when one becomes a balanced producer of thought. Two octaves first of creation and second of illuminating intelligence.
Intelligence deriving from entelechy meaning ‘containing its aim within itself.’
we are the entelechy our ‘I’ cloaked in our personal karma, can only manifest in life on earth what intrinsically corresponds to us. This sheds light on the fact that we are an intact and integral entity that passes through successive incarnations.
more at firme
and Angelomalforms (IG)

Angelo Vasquez
DOC #G07505

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