Tony Lewis

The Commercial For Cadi Berriez, by Tony Lewis

This is the script, for a commerical. The commerical, is for my latest product, which I plan to license to CARDI B, and Nike. The product are basketball shoes called Cardi Berriez, and these sneakers are for Ladies Only.
I predict that thse shoes, will be Nikes best selling basketball shoes, besides Jordans. These shoes are going to bring ALOOOT of money; and these shoes, are going to change my life…for the better. Finally, I can make my mama proud.
I plan to contact Tiffany Haddish to direct this commerical. I rock with Tiff. It amazes me at how far she came. For me, it was like yesturday I was in a hot cell in B2 cellhouse, eating cornchips, and laughing as I watched her try push Jezzy into the #MeToo movement. lol. Man, that was some funny shit.
Its crazy, cause late last night, I got the oppurtunity to catch the BET Awards from ’18. I’d missed it, due to me not having a television at the time. But when I saw my man Jamie silly ass go to her trailor, and surprise her with the award she won, I cant lie, I kinda got wetty eyed as she did; cause like CARDI, she too came from low beginning, and it didnt matter how many people told her she wouldnt make it as a comedian..let alone a big movie star..she did. Peoples success like that motivates me to do what Im doing, cause man, my own mama said I could pull this shit off….but I AM..JUST WATCH. Cause the fact is this, if Tiffany reads this and believes me in what I can do on some positive shit…man it aint no way in hell Im ever regressing back to the negative lifestlye which landed me in prison for the last ten years.
So yeah, Tiffany, wherever you are, in your lil acceptance speech you said ” Just believe in yourself, cause once somebody else believes in you, the rest is going to be history( it was something like” Well, I need you to believe in me, cause quite frankly, Im so tired of being a dissapointment, and a liability. Help me change that. Tiffany, if I had you in my life as a big sister, a mentor, I am one day going turn my life around in such an inspirational way. Just watch and see.


Tony Lewis
DOC #98308

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