Shara Cooper

Self Maintenance, by Shara Cooper

How often are we quick to give a friend some good advice or even a stranger a word of encouragement?
How often are we quick to lend a helpful hand to another or extend our generous heart to one hurting?
How often do we give, give, give the best of ourselves away to those who may be near or far away?
How often are others our focus, when really, we need to focus on Self?

It is totally of a noble character to see about the needs of others. The giving of your ear to listen to their problems. The giving of your time when they need you there. The giving of your hand when they are pressed for help. No doubt, These traits are wonderful!

This moment however, is not about others. It is about YOU!
I am talking about Self!

Your Self needs Maintenance too!

What a great benefit that comes from taking the time out to do a check up on Self.

How refreshing it may be to do a Self evaluation.

Just as other people and things need Maintenance checks, Self needs Maintenance too!

I beseech you to take some much needed time, energy, and heart to do a Self Maintanance on You!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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