Wayne Braddy

Inner – Strength, by Wayne Braddy

I choose NOT to dwell in THE PAST, while they travel in DeLorean’s

Alumni of H.K.U. (Hard Knock University) I’m a VALEDICTORIAN!

Although they prey on my demise, It’s MY SPIRIT which

me with STRENGTH EXCEEDING the amount required to



Wayne Braddy #390056
North Central Corr. Complex
P.O. Box 1812
Marion, Ohio 43301

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  1. This is one of the most serious injustice I have ever heard of in my life. Basically, by the mere fact the presiding Judge got this jury to deliberate for a total of 36 hours and not to complete their deliberations without all members of the jury coming up with a verdict, the Judge caused this conviction. There was no evidence except that of a snitch, yet there was a forced conviction. A conviction should only be rendered when the accused is proven guilty BEYOND a reasonable doubt. Classic case of a conviction at all costs.

    The Justice Department in the State of Ohio should be absolutely ashamed of this miscarriage of justice and for robbing these two innocent men of their right of freedom.

    Wake up, Judge, Jury, and Prosecutor and do the right thing by doing everything possible to free these two innocent men. Never mind the embarrassment associated to admitting these two men were wrongfully convicted. You will look a whole lot better in the public eye and will be fully supported by society if you finally do act professionally, admit the error, and free these two innocent men who have so bravely sat in prison helpless for 20 years. One wrongful conviction like this places the whole Justice System in jeopardy and cast much doubt in the entire Judicial/Legal system. Worst case of wrongful conviction I have ever seen. Please, please correct this wrongful theft of two innocent futures, robbing the lives from two innocent mem. Shame on you Judge.


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