Sean Lancaster

Reality Is Inescapable, by Sean Lancaster

Everyone shares a sense of reality with their fellow man, yet none of us truly live in the true meaning of the word reality. We all try to live in an agreed upon reality, and because of this we will always fail to live in true reality.

In reality what do the ideals of man mean to the universe? Our feelings, thoughts and ideals are nothing more than virtual reality. The reality is that man’s ideal’s mean nothing to the universe because the universe is the only true reality.

I think therefore I am, is just an idea, a though of man using the power of his mind to create a world of virtual reality, convincing others to see the world in his concept of reality.

My concept of reality was that of which I was tought by the teachings of my ansestors. I was not tought to question the teachers great, and small. I was tought to blindly follow these teachings without question, and that I must just live in a blind faith, and always be ready to die for this faith.

Faith is not reality, it is only a virtual reality of ones mind. Does the statement, ”I think therefore I am” mean that if I do not think then I would cease to exist. No this is not reality, one does not have to think to exist.

I am because of the same cosmic forces that created the universe has created me. We are all made of cosmic energy, not our thoughts. Our thoughts, and beliefs are just the virtual reality we have created to try to understand, and quantify our existence.

Most of the human population can not handle living in the one and only true reality, they are incapable of living life outside of this virtual reality that they have been spoon fed their entire lives.

Take for instance the world economy. The world economy is in no way reality, but to most people the world economy is everything, and in their minds they just could not exist without it.

The economy is just like any of the other agreed upon belief systems that humans have created in the reality of their minds, and when people quite believing in the concept of the world economy it will cease to exist in their reality.

Concept into reality is where virtual reality meets reality, and how we are able to manipulate elements of our reality. For example if I conceive an idea in my mind, I have created a virtual reality concept that may or may not be possible in reality.

Virtual reality is a tool that is used to try and understand reality, and possibly create something of reality. 

Jim Jones, and many others like him use thier power over virtual reality to convince people to take their lives in reality because virtual reality can be a very powerful tool of manipulation, and possibly manifest something in reality, like a persons choice of life, or death. 

Virtual reality on the other hand could be something like a Bruce Springsteen, or a Rolling stones concert that pulls people in to their virtual reality, like spirit guides they lead you to a place in your mind of a blissful joy.

Gravity is a known reality, but antigravity is a virtual
reality concept that man has come up with that one day could be something of reality.

The fact is no one, or thing can escape its reality, and one day everything will see the true reality at the end to just change, and begin again in the whole of the cosmic universe. 

That which you are can never be destroyed, only changed into a different form in, and of the cosmic universe. 

We all have a choice weather, or not to live in reality, and question everything, and anything, and not just settle with an existence of limitation self imposed. 

The universe is a vast expanse of unending everything. This is your true reality just open your eye’s to that which is right before you hidden in plain sight.

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