Tommie Forster

The Untold Part of HIS-STORY, by Tommie Forster

Its an honor to have this opportunity to stand before my brothers this evening. Many of you I know, but
For those who dont know me, I stand Before you upholding the righteous name Sun Born Allah. It being the 26th means todays Supreme Mathematics Is (2)Wisdom (6)Equality all being born to (8)Build Destroy.
Wisdom is the vessel through which we receive and express our knowledge. Equality is the realization achieved once we are able to balance our thoughts with our actions, bringing our thoughts into a living manifestation in physical reality. Build is the process of giving energy to those things which are important while destroy is ridding ourselves of those things which are detrimental to our existence.
Saviors Day, it is important that we Build on the honor, praise and life works of Master Fard Muhammad – and the role that he played in resurrecting and reawakening the black man here in wilderness North America. As I stated, today is Saviors Day. And A savior is someone who has rescued a group of people from grave danger – or in other words, a life threatening situation. As we are aware, the black man woman and child here in the wilderness of north america have been in a life threatening situation for the past 400 years. But this was not by chance, because it was predicted that we would suffer a mental death and power under the hands of our oppressor.
In Gen 15:13-15 it states “Know of a Surety that thy seed would be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them: and they shall afflict them for four hundred years; and the nation whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance.”
Before the coming of W. D. Fard, the majority of black men here in america had no substance. We had been a people lost from home for 379 years because in 1555 we were stripped of all knowledge of self, our culture, our history, our religion and language. In other words, we lost our substance. We can even see remnants of that today when we listen to the conversation of the average black man woman or child.. We have no substance. However, again, this wasn’t by chance. Just as It was predicted that we would suffer 400 years, it was also predicted that one would come to raise us of our mental death and power. In our “English C1 Lessons” also known as the “1-36”, it states, “Do you mean to tell me that some of the 17 million do not know they are muslims? Yes Sir. Well I can hardly believe unless they were made blind deaf and dumb. Well, they were made blind deaf and dumb when thry were babies. Can a devil fool a muslim? Not nowadays. Do you mean to say that the devil fooled them 379 years ago? Yes a trader made a interorientation that they would recieve more gold for their labor which was more than they were earning in their own country. Did they receive the gold. No the trader disappeared and there was noone there to speak their langauge. And then what happened? They wanted to return to their own land but could not swim the nine thousand miles. Why didnt their own people come and ge them? Their own peoole did not know they were over there. When did their own people find out they were over there. Approximately 60 years ago.”
This lesson was written in 1934 and approximately 60 years ago would bring us to the date 1874 when Alphonso Muhammad, a wise scientist from the east, learned that his people were here in America suffering under oppression. Alphonso who was a jet black man, knew that he himself could not come to America to bring knowledge of self back to his people due to the atrocities that were imposed upon Blacks here in the west. On February 26th 1877, Alphonso, had a son by the name W. D Fard who was to serve the purpose of coming from the east to the west in order to save the black man woman and child in North America. Matthew 24:27 “For as lightening cometh from the east, and shineth even unto the west, so shall also the coming of the son of man be. Our “1-40 Lessons” state, that “no relief came to us until the son of man came to our aid by the name of our prophet W.D. Fard.” Upon Fards arrival in America In 1910, it is recorded in history that Fard cried when he saw the condition of his fathers people. In 1931 brought us relief when he began teaching Knowledge of Self. It was at this time when a man by the name Elijah Poole recognized that Fard the one who the Holy Books spoke of. He would later become known as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the messenger of Allah. The significance of this Saviors Day is recognizing that without the coming of W.D. Fard, there would not be A Elijah Muhammad, and without Elijah Muhammad, there would be no Clarence 13 X Or Allah the Father who founded the Nation of Gods and Earths. As our Moorish Science brother Unique used to always say…This thing here is serious; This aint no play play thing. I miss the brothers energy. But saviors day is a serious day because if it had not been for Master Fard Muhammad coming to America to lay a foundation for us to build and stand upon, there wouldnt be a lost and found here in the wilderness of North America. And for these reasons, all praise is due forever and ever. I Appreciate your time as I leave in peace giving honor and praise to the past, present and future. Peace

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