Sean Lancaster

Never Listen To The Insanity, by Sean Lancaster

June 07, 2019. I was cleaning my cell, sweeping, and mopping like I do everyday because prison is a very dirty place because so many people live in such a confined space. 

Upon returning the cleaning gear to the end of the living tier I noticed the usual mess left by other prisoners that had swep out their cells to only push the dirt down the tier by the cleaning gear.

I started by just sweeping up the mess by the cleaning gear to prevent it from being tracked back down the tier and into my cell.

It was a dead morning because the rec yard was closed for a walkathon. I did not get signed up for the walkathon because I had just transfered to this prison and was unfamiliar with the programs, and goings on around the joint.

It being a dead morning because of the yard being closed to me, and my property not yet caughting up to me, or else I would be playing my guitar, making it a productive morning.

I just started cleaning the entire tier, working, and feeling good about being productive, and I like living as clean as possible even in prison.

I even had my buddy J-roo walk by saying you are a good man UFC. UFC is a nick name that some of the brothers call me because I am a ex fighter.

I am now at the end of the tier just about finished when a guard comes up to me being loud asking me my name, and why am I cleaning the tier because he pays a guy to do this. 

Number one I am not a rat, even if the tier porter was not doing his job I would not cry to the CO about it, if I have a problem I take care of it myself, even if it means I have to do a little work to get it up to my standards.

Number two, I knew what this CO was doing, he was trying to use me to mess with the tier porter, and attitude check me.

I knew this CO would fail in his attempt to cause drama on the unit between me and the tier porter, but it was still a issue that I would have to work through, and understand so that I would not become angry looking because I knew this CO was giving me an attitude check.

This attitude check is a tool that some COs use to see what kind of reaction they are going to get from you.

I am told by most COs that I intimidate them so I have to be extra carful in how I look, and talk to them. I have had COs say they were in fear of me, and call a code because I look scary. I even have been found guilty, and given major infractions of intimidation because the CO did not like my attitude.

This intimidation thing the COs are talking about is not really intimidation because they are not scared of me, but they can use it to punish me if I piss them off.

Now that this guard has started yelling getting everyones attention in the pod, the porter shows up and the guard is yelling at him saying now he is going to remop the entire tier after me.

The guard is loud yelling dumb words all the way out of the pod at his tier porter, but I can see that the tier porter already has the COs number, and the tier porter is not going to bite, and buy into the guards insane bullshit.

So now that I know who this porter is I go up to him and introduce myself because I have to make sure we are cool, which I am already pretty much sure its all good, but I have learned to never say never and just make sure no one has a problem.

It all sounds so laime, and childish because it is, but I have just come to understand that this is the way some people are, and if I was to reacted to this lame in any other way than calm understanding then I am a lame also.

Sean K Lancaster
DOC #993150

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  1. I don’t now what you are in for but many people are in prison because they have “taken too many liberties” and since you were moving about freely it probably looked to the CO that you were “taking liberties.”


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