Caroline Peoples

I Am Back, by Caroline Peoples

Hello World!!!
It has been a long time since we spent any time together. I suppose you deserve an update on the state my life is now in. I am sure you haven’t lost any sleep. My sleepless nights come and go. I find myself on a journey full of surprises, pain, victories, and defeats. It is amazing how very different freedom and incarceration is yet the human condition is always battling the same emotions. This time I serve emotionally , is no different than what you battle emotionally. We all go through times where we are overwhelmed, disappointed, angry, saddened, etc feel me? Spiritually we all battle against the devil warring for our souls. Darkness and light fighting for rein over who we aspire to be. The difference is degree. I tell myself to take things one day at a time. I fight my mind to stick to the plan. Life is such a battle. I am now back at Homestead C.I. in Florida City, Florida. This time has taken me far from home in Chicago. It is amazing how God works and when Romans 8 tells us that God will work everything out for the good to them that love God shows amazingly in the things hit we survive in life. I encourage you all to be strong and encouraged.

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Until next time stay sucka free!

Caroline Peoples
DOC #163969

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  1. Ill never forget the days i spent with you debraca jimille and the gang. You always said you were going to write and find your way to affect the world and you still did. PROPS-much love V


  2. My old best friend from Parkside. Ive been looking for you for years. I hate I found you here but I hope to reconnect one day


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