Sean Lancaster

Brain Storm For The Day, by Sean Lancaster

My life is, love, faith, fun, fear, pain, beauty, fearless, restless,

contemptuous, slanderous, fake, true, tender, painless, perpetual, stark, 

furious, faceless, harmless, dangerous, damming, free, craving, caring, 

loving, yearning, longing, selfless, selfish, powerful, powerless, 

pondering, jesting, laughing, lying, cheating, triumphant, serious, 

frivolous, important, improper, immoral, tender, soft, hard, 

broken, devious, devilish, drastic, hopeless, frantic, fantastic, 

tortured, tremendous, helpless, blessed, sad, 

happy, mad, late, serially, momentarily, fleeting, dim, gray, bright, broken, 

abandon, left out, left behind, fixed, fair, faithful, gruesome, haunting, 

handicapped, limited, unlimited, ultimate, understated, minimal, 

maximum, odious, pensive, pontificates, dismissing, distant, ranking, 

feasting, starving, lonely, tinny, enormous, endless, timeless, mindless, 

stupendous, limitless, deadly, provoking, problematic, proper, 

improper, belated, bereaved, believed, beguiled, exiled, revealed, lusted, 

temped, corrupted, believable, liable, joking, contemporaneously, 

extraterritoriality, gorgeous, virtuous, tenuous, generous, 

gallant, peckish, practical, fractured, functioning, distinct, vain, vial, 

wrathful, wonderful, wonderless, worthless, priceless, perfect, 

deformed, demented, fundamental, fallible, fancying, lack lustered, 

muddled, motionless, motioning, defending, sacrificing, senseless, 

sencable, scandalous, scolding, exploding, exploring, exposing, 

loosing, finishing, winning, vanishing, brimming, bringing, singing, 

stinging, stunning, running, humane, inhumane, hypocritical, just, 

unjust, complacent, implicit, sensitive, seductive, flashy, false, 

counterfeit, condemning, consequential, compromising, 

brainwashing, crushing, freeing, probing, frustrating, fabricated, 

crucified, centered, disturbed, dense, numb, frozen, warming, hot, 

menacing, microscopic, photographic, pornographic, magagraphic, 

interdimechinable, pulsating, plundering, impish, intentive, burning, 

speeding, stopping, starting, farting, flashing, smashing, complaining, 

validating, valuable, flawless, able, drought, spying, springing, 

downtrodden, upbeat, underpinned, ousted, honoring, dishonoring, 

fragmented, backdooring, backbiting, ending,backstabbing, 

soothing, smoothing, grading, grinding, denouncing, harking, sparking, 

larking, darkening, hornswoggled, boondoggled. 

My life has many forms, and faces. What are the many forms, and faces of your life. 

Take your time and brainstorm as many words as you like to see the forms, and faces in your life.

So out of 1226 words I can find 50 that are stand alone positive, 52 are stand alone negative, and 1124 are more neutral.

So what does this mean to me? Just a moment in my life that I could be thoughtful of the words floating around in my brain.

Sean K Lancaster
DOC #993150

PS- I’d love to get your feedback and perspective. Please feel free to contact me via 

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