Tommie Forster

Ancestry DNA Exposed (part 3), by Tommie Forester

Every human carries a strand of history, this is our unique perspective of how we see reality and the world we live in. The Cipher or DNA connects us to the Original DNA Haplogroup. There are 26 mtDNA bloop groups and 18 Y-DNA blood groups. But Only 5% of Original People carry the original Haplogroup which is represented by the letter A and is found amongst the Khosian Of Southern Africa, The afro-Asiatic of Ethiopia, and the Nilo-Saharans from Sudan They are the direct descendant of the original people. The letter A in our supreme Alphabets is Allah and Allah is the original man and woman who understand our Culture. Information without parallel history is ignorance. Therefore, the Cipher is where the 5% gather to reconnect with our history and everything in existence.
Now you may be asking what does all of this have to do with self and why is any of this important to know? Well for starters, and 23 and me as well as many of the ancestry tools that use DNA to trace ones origins are hustlers. They are hustlers because they fail to tell the whole story. These companies are only reading into 4-6 bases of the genetic code. That’s like reading 100 pages of a 1000 page book and then writing a report about its contents. This type of practice can be misleading, because if the whole story was told, it would go beyond Ghana, or Nigeria. It would go as far as the very creation of the fabric that bonds the Universe together meaning we would know ourselves as God. Our people are spending tools much in search of their origins and still not receiving knowledge of self. In fact, Ancestrydna made 169 million in 2016 and 1billion in 2017. Knowledge of self is free. Why not embrace the truth? Knowledge is indeed power only when the whole story is told… Why not let your story be heard

Proper Education Always Corrects Errors!!!

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