Da'Von Motley Sr.

#PrisonersLivesMatter, by Da’Von Motley Sr.

The first time I wrote about our lives mattering I didn’t think that maybe I would be where I’m at today. What I mean by that is extremely isolated from the outside world. Having not being able to have any contact with the people that I love. Stressing and worrying about my kids wellbeing and my parents and grandparents and aunts uncles nieces nephews and cousins. Yeah I know those are things I can’t control! But who can control who they love and care about??? Now when I think of that question I ask myself… am I loved and cared about??? Who really loves me or who really cares about ME?? All of me?? My past my present and my future!! Right now I feel like my life doesn’t matter to anyone. In a world that’s has billions of people I feel like its just me. Idk why life is like this. Maybe its something I should be focusing on. Maybe I need to let it be known how I feel. Maybe someone will understand or relate or reach back. Hopefully my thoughts, my words, and my voice is heard. Insha Allah my prayers are answered. Be safe, be humble, have patience and stay watchful!!!

Mr. Da’Von Joshua Motley Sr. (Abdul- HaLeem RaQeeb)
ODRC #707-119
Allen Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 4501
Lima, OH 45802

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