Davin Wallace

In The Presence of The Lord, by Davin Wallace

Each morning & throughout the day & night we have the privilege to get or continue to be in the presence of our Lord God. I know at times i find it difficult to bring my whole being before God usually due to worrying, being focused on or into something worldly or just laziness. And usually starting my day off not in the Lord’s presence typically leaves me w/a long stressed out day. And before I know it i’m praying for peace or asking God to deliver me, when i could have had the peace of God w/me & been walking in the deliverance of God if i would have just took at least 5 minutes to get in the presence of the Lord. i know it’s some people that’s go say “It’s not that easy” or “You not dealing w/reality”. True. It’s not that easy for a nonbeliever or a Child of God who dont know who the Lord is & depending on their own strengths & understanding to receive what God has already given, & of course i’m not dealing w/the reality of the world, but operating in the truths of God’s word which is reality beyond this world’s comprehension & ability. Being in God’s presence is where we go & need to be to experience God- the Father(I Am), Son(Redeemer), Holy Spirit(Deliver of the power). God is omnipresent & He is Jehova Shamma ready & willing to be in our presence where ever we at & whenever. God’s grace, love, mercy & glory is given to all of us but it’s in His presence we experience Him.
Since I’ve left Nottoway i have had those bitter sweet moments because i had to readjustment my life giving up the comforts & pleasures of one place for another which seem to place me in a less fortunate position. But as i refocus my mind back on to God, i realize i should not get so attached to people, things & places that when its time to let them go according to God’s will i compromise God’s will, my faith in & love for God & “The Big Picture”. Some things & people are just for a season but God’s presence should be forever. In God’s presence i’m good, knowing God got me far as the things I see & don’t see. Being in the presence of God let’s me know we good & go be greater(23). You can be assure that i’m in the presence of Lord which keeps me focus, faithful & faith filled.
Get in the presence of God.
Love u & God bless u!!!

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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